Our Procurement & Deployment Guidance section helps you answer the questions like: 

What does a global market mean to you, more profits or more problems? What is digital transformation and how technologies fit into the equation? How can you begin your digital transformation journey building on your existing infrastructure? How do you leverage value from partnerships and create profitable digital eco-systems? How do enterprises translate this into a competitive solution regionally by leveraging global assets?

Where do my business units fit and how do they function with my IT group? Is it sustainable to have a separate IT organisation or can I leverage them better within my business units?  How do I create an Integrated end-to-end solution for my clients? Where do I disaggregate and how do I control my value chain? How does Intellectual Property fit in all this? Can I continue to Grow and still be globally visible?

Procurement & Deployment Guidance:

- CEO Strategic Direction

- Migration Paths

- End-User Advice

- Deployment Strategy

- Customisation

- Eco-Systems

- Product Road Maps

- Value-Stacks

- Value-Driven Strategy