Five points for Insurers to ensure effective CX Amid Covid-19

Customer Experience (CX) of all insurers will be tested amid the Covid-19 pandemic. 


The Financial Conduct Authority in UK has already set expectations for insurance firms and customers for the Covid-19 pandemic. Christopher Woolard, interim Chief Executive of the FCA said: 'We have already seen some firms make significant efforts in difficult operating conditions. We expect all firms to be clear and not misleading whenever they communicate and be fair and professional in how they deal with their customers’. 'Customer behaviour is changing. We expect insurance firms to recognise this and treat their customers fairly, recognising the circumstances customers may find themselves in. We would not expect to see a customer’s ability to claim affected by circumstances over which they have little control’.

To summarise, the FCA guidelines for the insurers are -

  • To ensure that all customer communications are clear, fair and not misleading.
  • To clearly communicate any policy exclusions that may impact the cover and use of individual policies.
  • To act fairly, honestly and professionally in accordance with the best interest of customers. Not to reject claims because of customer’s temporary change in how they use their home address (working from home conditions) and vehicles (increased use because of no/less means of using public transport).
  • To have sufficiently robust systems, controls and senior manager to ensure effective business operations and business continuity.  


The Covid-19 pandemic is at the centre stage of every industry’s focus including the insurance industry. It is already impacting insurance operations and services including customer services. The challenges have just started and will continue to deepen over the next few months. In the months to come, insurers globally will see many stressed out customers for claims, guidance and policy renewals. At such times, the insurers’ responses and actions will define their CX story and ultimately the brand loyalty. 

Historically, the insurers’ don’t carry a great CX reputation among their customers; and when customers learn many of their policies do not cover impacts of global pandemic, it is battered even more. At such times, it is vital to have the right CX strategies in place. Below, we have charted some suggestions on how the insurers should manage their customer experience. 

Figure 1: How to manage CX amind Covid-19 pandemic

  • Design: Design your Covid-19 response strategy. Adapt your CX strategies to suit the situation. The strategies adopted a few weeks ago might not be right in the present times. Consistently review and fine tune your current CX deliveries. 
  • Empathise: Your CX will be tested in these trying times as the customers are bound to be stressed; so be patient, be empathetic, connect to them emotionally. Proactively reach out to your customers.   
  • Transparent: Keep the communications as simple and clear as possible. Publish clear up-to-date information on what is covered and what not in sold policies and any temporary new rules put in to help the clients.
  • Deliver: Make the claims processing quick and outcome fair. Be flexible, customers may be finding it difficult to get medical certification, consider other appropriate evidence which may be easier for the customers to provide.   
  • Encourage: Last but not the least, if your employees are well looked after, it will reflect in their performance. So look after your employee’s welfare and encourage them to excel.     

Things to Consider

Given both the FCA guidelines and our suggestions this is an ideal time to test your analytic solutions that are in place. Can your solutions map the peak Covid cases with your clients geographic locations? Can you anticipate peak queries and claims and gear up for it? Additionally it may be the right time to test existing and new RPA  & automation solutions - Can you shorten the work flow and respond near real time in all areas? Are your automation solutions proactively solving the claims and passing to your staff when more complexity is involved? How responsive and detailed are your discovery solutions? Are your staff empathetic? Can you use these hard times to even more centralise all your activities around the needs of the client, can your systems handle data for more than just your client, ie their families, their business policies and can you see their bigger situation? Can this be done even with your staff working remotely and your clients providing feasibly as much material as they can online, can you transfer funds in a very short time? Can all this be done securely? Can you set up new apps (frontend, backend and partners) very fast if need be? Does your efforts towards agility and speed work during these crises? Can your communication systems handle the scale? How integrated is your response? Can you get positive recommendations from satisfied clients online?

This is the time to first make all efforts to make sure the clients needs are met. It is also a time to see how responsive your digital transformation efforts are as well as to try out new pilots to respond immediately to the demands. It is also the right time to see if your company functions and thinks like the InsurTechs with their DNA mindset of customer experience. 


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