Digital Transformation Framework


Given the current market situation where the mantra seems to be all about Digital Transformation, we wondered if most users knew what that meant and how they would define the concept in detail. The problem soon became apparent that most of the suppliers pushing the concept to the users did not know what it meant but had just jumped on the bandwagon with their solutions.  Digital of-course has been around for decades and provides different meaning to different people. It has also changed and evolved its meaning over time.  However, in this paper we mean to look and go into more details on the current reference to Digital Transformation and put some sort of reference architecture in place. This will evolve over time as more and more innovative solutions are derived but hopefully this early guide will provide a good map to begin and work with.

Badly defined terms are often useful to ITC vendors, since if it they can be widely interpreted then they can be applied to whatever set of products and services they sell. Nevertheless as an analyst house we’re interested in analysing, measuring and forecasting the success of every offering – big or small – our industry produces… and to measure revenues or to provide guidance, you have to define the thing itself. If it is impossible to arrive at a common definition, at least we should discuss its meaning; in our case, a definition of what is and is not included is the first step towards measuring this important part of enterprise computing. We have a habit in meetings of asking vendors what they mean by digital transformation’; most can give multiple and detailed customer references, but almost all are unable or unwilling to differentiate their ‘digital transformation’ from other ITC projects.

Insurance Directions believes that the current hype surrounding digital transformation is going to put a number of people off when they actually realise what needs to be undertaken and what digital transformation really means.  However once CEO’s and other leaders look at the transformation in a real and proper manner they will understand that the transformation is imperative for all businesses especially in the future developing environment and the workplace of the future. Most businesses will have to live in an interconnected and interdependent world. Company Boards and Senior executives will have to utilise new business models which take advantage and create profit in this environment.