Transformation Advisory Programme (overall)

Transformation Advisory Programme (overall)

Transformation Advisory Programme offers strategic insight, analysis and guidance to support various aspect of your journey. We are focused on the specific needs of our corporate end-user clients in the insurance industry and believe in providing factual information, unbiased advice and superb service. Thus our clients are armed with intelligence, insightful analysis, solution advice, a road-map to effectively and efficiently use management's time, and recommendations based on facts and experience.


Why should you go for the Transformation Advisory Programme?

 ✓ The value of our annual publication far exceeds its monetary value of beyond 700,000 USD (Single Licence) especially if you consider the ideas and impacts. We are providing all that value for a mere 24,950 USD (Single Licence) for the whole year.

✓ To get strategic advice in technology investment decisions and when to invest, how best to invest and what path to follow long-term. 

✓ To get advice on how to optimise business processes, functions and vendor relationships.

✓ To get advice on how to leverage internal know-how and existing technology, as well as provide migration strategies to deliver improved Return On Investment (ROI).

✓ To discover and understand the product road-maps of leading vendors.

Duration: 365 days
Price: $24,950.00